Re: How to copy IMAP mailbox

Hi Gerardo,

On 04/07/2015 04:28:34 PM Tue, Gerardo Ballabio wrote:
I have another question please.

I want to use Balsa to make a backup copy of my Gmail mailbox, that
is, copy the messages to a local mailbox, but still keep them on
Gmail. I can't find how to do that. It seems I can only move messages,
not copy them. There are in fact two Copy items in the menus (one
under Edit and one under Message) but there isn't any Paste and when I
click Copy, nothing seems to happen (how is that supposed to work?).

The "Copy" items are for copying selected text to the clipboard, not for copying messages. Balsa's only method for copying messages, 
as opposed to moving them, is drag-and-drop with the Control key held down (which changes d&d from "Move" to "Copy").

That can be awkward with a trackpad instead of a mouse, so what I often do is:
1. Uncheck Mailbox=>Hide Messages=>Deleted;
2. Move the messages with the popup menu "Move to" item;
3. Select their now-deleted remains;
4. Undelete them with Message=>Toggle Flag=>Deleted;
5. Then check Mailbox=>Hide Messages=>Deleted again.

But perhaps we should have a "Copy to" item on the popup menu, in addition to the "Move to" item...



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