odd email parsing (misparsing?) issue

Background: Having fixed my link opening issue, I just installed notmuch to see if it might help me with searching, since I sometimes seem to "lose" messages due to having changed the folder hierarchy and how I decide where to put messages about various topics. However, notmuch does not deal with mbox files, and I have several of these, so I figured that converting them to maildir would be a good time to go through them and purge messages no longer needed or referring to long gone web sites.

Problem: I found at least one mbox file that seemed to put balsa into a 100% CPU chewing mode, with the status area in the lower left just moving the bar back and forth forever. By manually editing the mbox file, and moving a few messages at a time into a separate file, I finally found what I think is the culprit, although I'm sure I've looked at this message in the past without problems. The body of the message includes a line that starts with "From " immediately after a blank line, and I wonder if balsa is getting confused by thinking this should start a new message, but not finding any header lines following it? Changing this line by adding text at the beginning "This is From..." let balsa deal with it without any further problem.

What SHOULD happen with such a message? Should that line be quoted in some way? Should the lack of a header ("^.*: .*$" with perhaps length limits on what is before and after the ": " ?) be taken to say this is NOT the start of a new message?

Am I chasing irrelevant wild geese?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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