Re: apparently new odd behavior


On 05/11/2014 08:03:23 PM Sun, Jack wrote:
Thanks for confirming.  I suspect any text message over twenty or so lines would work, although to be sure 
you don't have to make the window smaller than usual, more would help.

One additional thing I have noticed:  if I select a message, and then read it by scrolling with the mouse 
scroll wheel, when I click, it does the same thing, even if I've scrolled all the way to the bottom.  I guess 
the first click does the absolute position before it figures out what was clicked on.  Are you thinking it's 
something in the Balsa code itself, or some odd interaction with some underlying library that may have 
recently changed?

I don't know of any change in the Balsa code that would have introduced the bug.  It's always possible that 
Balsa was relying on something undocumented that's been changed.  My guess is a Gtk bug...


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