Re: Another question

What I usually do is to draft an email with a group address of the form

myGroup: joe example com, alex another org;

then save it to the draft box, open it for reading, and save that address.  It goes into whatever default 
address book I'm using, and provided that book has the "Treat multiple addresses as...a distribution list" 
button set, I can later just type "my" into the To: box, and that list is offered as one of the completion 

You can also use the "Run Editor" button to edit the address book, and create myGroup with the several 
addresses, but I find that less convenient--just my personal feeling.

But I don't know of a way to create a group address from an address book with individual addresses.  Anyone 
know of a way?


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Thanks for the answer.  Looks like it's a little more trouble than I
want to go into.

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