Re: how do I run incoming email through a program when balsa downloads it

Hi, Philip!

18.07.2013 11:44, Philip Hunt пишет:
What I would like to happen is that Balsa invokes my program like
this, so it can read ist input from stdin and output it to stdout:

    my_program <incoming_email >processed_incoming_email

where incoming_email is the email as got from the POP3 server, and
processed_incoming_email is the output that my_program produces (for
example incoming_email and it may decrypt it).

Is it possible to do this with Balsa?
It is very naturally done with fetchmail+procmail.
Balsa is very weak as MDA, it is MUA. Check terms in Wikipedia, if unsure.
I'm trying yto do it through "Filter messages through procmail" but
not having much success. How does Balsa invoke procmail; is it through
stdin/stdout as above, or some other way -- the documentation isn't
Shortly: it doesn't. Where in documentation you've seen procmail refs?

P.S. on "sending" task it is possible to hook your_program into the
Postfix MTA.
P.P.S Balsa is quite faulty in dealing with external MDAs. I've made a
few posts here in list.

Best regards,

Ildar Mulyukov, 
  free SW designer/programmer
email: ildar users sourceforge net
ALT Linux Sisyphus

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