message display issue

I think I've actually noticed this issue for some time, but it finally got annoying enough for me to ask for help.

If I am in a mailbox with lots of messages (I have some with almost 1000 messages) I often use the "Subject or Sender Contains:" search function. However, if I do such a search and select a message, and then empty the search box and hit the reset button to the right of the box, I am often switched to a different message, although sometimes left on the same message. I cannot think of any reason NOT to be left displaying the same message. (If I change the value in the search box, and the selected message is no longer included in the list of displayed messages, I can imagine "unselecting" that message.) Is this a bug, or am I missing something that would explain it. (As far as I know, this happens in both mbox and maildir mailboxes, but I'll have to confirm to be absolutely certain.)

Thanks for any suggestions of relevant info.


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