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On 2013.11.24 00:15, Kevin john & joanna Mccready & boileau wrote:
I did the search in the subject and got 325 hits.

Hope someone can help me.

I want to configure balsa to feetch my gmail via pop3.

When I press settings in Balsa, that doesn't seem to be an option.

When I right click in the white area underneath the list of email boxes, that also doesn't seem to be an option.

I want to use POP because I want to store my emails on my own machine.

thanks in advance
I was about to post a new message to the list, and note that it doesn't look like anyone responded to you. Hopefully you haven't given up on Balsa in the meantime - this has usually been a somewhat more active and helpful list.

Configuring for POP is perhaps not quite obvious. Select the menu Edit/Preferences. In the upper section, create an entry for each email address you want to fetch. For the lower section, add an entry for each outgoing server you can use. Various other, related settings are made by choosing the appropriate item on the menu on the left of that dialog.

Settings/identities is not for setting up mailbox access, but for setting up different return addresses (although I assume there is a better way to describe it). For example, I can use a return address of, but I also have mail forwarding through my alumni organization, sourceforge, and some others. Once I went through the validation process so sbcglobal (actually AT&T/Yahoo) allowed me to send using that address, I can use the one appropriate to the list I'm replying to. I assume gmail has a similar feature.

Do let us know if you need any further help.

Jack (just a happy Balsa user)

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