Re: Balsa can't download a mail with a long line, gets stuck in endless dup-creating loop.

Am 26.10.12 18:25 schrieb(en) Rob Landley:
Wordwrapping in general seems to be something Balsa needs a bit of work on. The above is just me hitting "a" and letting it pick the wrapping.
I'm talking about the case where Balsa is replying. It had to parse the mail to quote it. If balsa had to split a line to insert the >, it can probably safely assume that the following line is part of the same paragraph. If quoting level changes, or there's a blank line, that forces a new paragraph.

Balsa supports "Format=flowed" according to RFC 3676 (see <> for details) which should solve most of your issues.  For this to work, you need to

- in "Edit -> Preferences", select "Outgoing" and uncheck "Word wrap";
- in the Composer dialogue, in "Options" check "Format=Flowed".

If you want to re-flow a paragraph which has been split into multiple lines, just select the lines and hit "Ctrl-R" (or "Edit -> Reflow selected test").  Note that this works *also* for quoted paragraphs (or multiple lines which are actually one paragraph, but have their individual quote marks), and even for different quote depths.

The reason why this is not the default might be a historic one - old MUA's (like pine/mutt) don't know about RFC 3676 (and the display might look nasty), and sometimes broken web mailers also don't recognise it, but make your Firefox windows as wide as the longest line which typically is a *lot* more than your screen width.

Hope this helps,

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