Re: Balsa can't download a mail with a long line, gets stuck in endless dup-creating loop.

Sorry for top posting - its' webmail....  Only addressing  a few points.

Thanks, if I can ever get balsa to build from source I'll try it. (I'm still using the one in xubuntu.)

I tried the git instructions on but there isn't an "./autogen" in the git directory (nor a ./configure), so I downloaded the most recently release tarball which at least had a ./configure, and it complained about missing dependencies. So far I've installed intltool, libgmime-2.6-dev, gmime-bin, libgtk2.0-dev, libgtkhtml3.14-dev, libesmtp-dev, and libnotify-dev and it's _still_ complaining about missing dependencies.

That's about the point at which I lost interest, but it looks like I'll have to get back to it because balsa is... sort of unfinished?

--> As a user, not a developer, I've been using Balsa with great luck for many years.  There are certainly things that could be improved, but that's the case with anything.  I'd keep going through the dependencies.  I'm on Gentoo, so even a package install does a full build so all the dependencies are there if I want to compile from git.  However, in Ubuntu/xubuntu, you could look at the package in the Synaptic or other package manager and check the listed dependencies.  You probably need the -devel version of most of them to compile, but that should cover most of them.

When you cut and paste text, the window doesn't scroll. The first email I sent had a typo in the smtp configuration and "send queued" seems to be a complete NOP, so there's an email message in my outbox which just won't send.

--> I've had this problem in the past.  You don't need to toggle unread, you need to toggle "flagged."  Then a send/receive will actually send it.  You can also edit it (outside of Balsa) in the Outbox.

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