Re: decrypt and trusting certs

Hi Ildar:

> > Do not use the Seahorse agent.  That application is crap.  It has  issues dealing with s/mime certs.
> Thanks for noting! I didn't know that. Do you know/submit any relevant bugs on it?

Yes.  Years ago, though...

Don't get me wrong here: Seahorse is nice for dealing with GPG keys and passwords stored by Gnome.  It doesn't show you any S/MIME certs, though.  Likewise, the agent doesn't handle the tasks for certs properly.  Thus, you should disable the agent (seahorse-preferences will then nag that an "Invalid or no GPG agent is running") and use gpg-agent instead.

If you want to see the S/MIME certs, use gpa from the GnuPG project.  This application can deal with GnuPG keys and with s/mime certificates, but *not* with the Gnome passwords.  I.e. in the end, you need both apps, if you want to see your stored passwords...

BTW, gpg-agent also supports ssh-agent, i.e. it calls pinentry to unlock ssh keys which is a *very* nice feature.  See the man pages of ssh-agent and gpg-agent for details.


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