Re: Steps I would like to automate on start

Hi Carlos!

On 05/28/2012 09:08:30 AM Mon, Carlos Franke wrote:
Every time I open Balsa, I do as follows:

1. Press F9 twice to close the sidebar, as all the tabs I ever need are open by default. (Twice, because on startup the sidebar is about halfway open on my system, and pressing F9 once opens it. This might be a bug. Is it?)

Yes, I think that's basically a bug--but I'm not sure whether it's a Balsa-bug or a Gtk3-bug. A fix has been committed to the gtk3 branch.

2. Press Tab twice to move the focus to the message list. (Then use Alt+<number> to switch to the right tab.)

3. Hold PageDown until the most recent message (on the bottom) is focused.

A separate patch to that branch should fix most of this. The bottom message is focused, but the focus frame isn't rendered on the first mailbox (Alt-1). If you Alt-n to any other mailbox, the bottom message is both focused and rendered as such, and if you then Alt-1 back to the first mailbox, the bottom message is also both focused and rendered as such. I'm not sure why the focus frame isn't there initially; but it really is focused: cursor-up or cursor-down will select and display it.

Is there anyway to automate this, i. e. starting with the sidebar closed, the focus in the message list and the most recent message focused by default?

Please test the patches and let us know how much closer they get you.



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