Re: git version (gtk3 branch) doesn't check for new mail?

On 2012.02.29 10:39, Helmut Jarausch wrote:

I've installed the git version of Balsa which seems to have fixed the
html hang bug here.

But now, Balsa doesn't check for new mail anymore, i.e.

- it doesn't check automatically
- the Check button is ineffective
- File -> Get new Mail is ineffective

Only stopping and restarting Balsa shows the new mail.

That's all with mbox file style emails.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Well, I finally managed to compile the gtk3 version from git, and I do not see this problem. I don't have automatic check on, but the Check button or the equivalent menu item work fine. This is with pop3. Local mailboxes are comibination of mbox and Maildir.

Does running from command line with either -d (pop3) or -D (imap) give any useful output?

(I also find that the hang on rendering specific HTML messages is gone using webkit with gtk3.)


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