Re: [Wish] automatic load of pictures

Hi Ildar and Jean-Luc,

On 07/22/2012 11:53:48 PM Sun, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 22.07.2012 19:10:26, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
When there are pictures on a message, balsa asks before loading the pictures.
This is fine.

But is there a possibility always display picture from some senders?
(I think thunderbird has such a feature).

Maybe it's time to consider a plugin system based on libpeas (as the most modern trend)?

Maybe it is--but Jean-Luc may be referring to the 'This part contains images...' info-bar in HTML message parts. Is a plugin system relevant there?

Currently, images are cached, within a session, so if you reread a message where you allowed the download, the images are shown, or if you read a different message that requires one of the cached images.

Various enhancements would be possible:
a.  remember hosts, not just images;
b.  remember across sessions;
c.  a+b.

These could presumably be implemented within the current info-bar (I haven't checked the Webkit API). But in cases b or c, we'd need a UI for reviewing and possibly revoking download permission. Any thoughts about how to go about it?


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