Re: Segfault on build with --disable threads (was: gtk3 imap connection issue)

I still can't reproduce the problem. I unchecked "check mail upon startup" but left "remember open mailboxes" checked, and set a break-point at balsa_window_real_open_mbnode. The stack trace looks much like yours, except that several frames are omitted (not sure why!) I can single-step through the code at line 2354 (your frame #3) with no warnings. It seems that in your case the dynamic cast "G_OBJECT (index)" fails, and in my case it doesn't. Perhaps there's a difference in the way Gtk starts up. What versions of glib and gtk are you using?

gtk 3.4.3 and glib 2.32.3. I do have "check mail upon startup" activated.

I am running Arch Linux and have older versions of glib and gtk installed in parallel (glib 1, gtk 1 and 2). This has never caused any problems so far, but maybe it does now, for some reason? Looking at the generated Makefile, though, all gtk- and glib-related commands refer to gtk 3 and glib 2. Seems to be alright.


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