Re: minor dialog issue/question

On 2011.12.29 20:10, Jack wrote:
Hello again,

The "Checking Mail..." window seems to have "stay on top" set, because while it's checking, I can change mailboxes or messages, and the dialog does stay on top. The same is not true, however, of the "Sending Mail..." dialog, which goes underneath if I click anywhere on the main window.

Is this known? Is it intentional? I'd prefer that both of them stay on top, and I'll be glad to file a bug/whishlist for it, as long as I'm not bringing up some old issue already talked to death.

Well, I actually looked into the code to see if I might be able to attack this myself, as it seems it ought to be simple, but I see why it might not be. The only difference I see between the send and receive dialogs is that the receive one is tied to the main window, and the send one is not tied to any window. I can see that the send dialog cannot be tied to the window that was active when it was created - since that would be the draft message itself, which goes away as soon as the send is triggered. I'm not sure how easy it would be to connect it to the main window because I'm not sure the window reference is easily available when that dialog is created. Also, I've actually had a time when the create message window was on a different virtual desktop from the main window, and I'm not sure what would or should happen in that case. If the dialog window is on the "current" virtual desktop, then there might be no other balsa window visible to connect it with, and if you connect it with the main window would it immediately show up on that virtual desktop, thus immediately disappearing from the current one?

I'm still interested in this, so I'd love to hear any relevant comments or suggestions.



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