Re: emails that hang balsa

On 2012.02.17 21:32, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
How large are the emails? I've found that Balsa can take so long
loading a folder (inbox) that I thought it was hung.

The messages themselves are only a few hundreds of KB, and the hang happens even if I manually move one to be the only message in an mbox file, so it's not size. I've waited over ten minutes once or twice just to check that possibility. Also, I do have some very large folders, but in those cases, there is a delay before it even starts displaying the first message. In these cases, it displays a bit of the message and then stops responding.

Responding to Peter's earlier message, I see I have previously had similar problems with webkit, although I have a vague memory that I moved to webkit from gtkhtml for pretty much the same reason. I'm currently working on upgrading my webkit to the latest, and then I'll try the patch pointed to by Peter's link.


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