Re: Opening mailboxes from the command line

On 2011.10.20 11:44, Konrad Hinsen wrote:
On 19 Oct, 2011, at 15:15 , Jack Ostroff wrote:

> It works for me, with balsa 2.4.8 under Gentoo Linux.
>   balsa -o file:///home/jack/mail/balsa
> opens my mailbox named balsa (mbox) but it also opens Inbox, and Inbox is selected. Hoewver, if I add "-i" at the end of the command, balsa is selected instead.

Thanks for your reply! This sounds like the opposite of what should happen, right?
Well - to be picky, -o says open mailbox, not select mailbox, although it would make sense to select a mailbox if you explicitly say to open it.

Anyway, I did some more tests to explore this issue.

1) balsa 2.4.10 under Ubuntu 11.10 and under MacOS X (installed via MacPorts) If I specify a mailbox that exists but has not previously been added to Balsa, I get the error message I cited before. If the mailbox has been added previously, there is no error message, but the mailbox is not selected either. The selected mailbox is always the one that was selected the last time I ran balsa.
I'm not sure I would expect balsa to try to open a mailbox it doesn't know exists. In fact, although the file/directory does exist, until you tell balsa to create the mailbox, from its perspective, it doesn't exist yet. However, given that it appears you need to specify the mailbox by URI instead of just its name, it should certainly know where to look for it - although I'm not sure it could easily always determine which type of mailbox it is.

2) balsa 2.4.1 under Ubuntu 10.04
Opening a mailbox on the command line works just as expected. If the mailbox was not already added to balsa, it is added first.

This looks like some bug was introduced between 2.4.1 and 2.4.10.
Unless one of the developers can think of what commit might have caused this change in behavior, it might take a bisection approach to identify it.

By the way, I do agree the old behavior makes more sense and gives less surprise.

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