Re: trying to get Gentoo to upgrade Balsa version

On 11/23/2011 10:12:26 PM Wed, Jack wrote:
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On 2011.11.23 19:04, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
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The gtk3 branch was recently patched to build with GMime 2.6, using a spray of ifdef's.  See commit

The GMime code in that branch should have been the same as master, prior to that commit, so the corresponding patch should apply to master without too much work.  Should at least save someone some work. I'd try it myself, but this phone doesn't have the build chain :)

Thanks.  I'll post that to the Gentoo bug, but I figure it would be better if one of the devels posted to the gnome bug.  Also, if that commit seems good, would it be worth releasing as a patch version (I don't know there can be a 2.4.11.x or if this is enough to jump to 2.4.12, but I don't know if Gentoo would be willing to add the patch locally, knowing that it is already in master upstream.  I'll report back.)

I just patched master to build with GMime 2.6 (commit 393d0077495cb750ee47bab6ec44a60906a95179).  It should allow building with earlier versions of GMime, but I can't test that.

Building from git is a problem with recent GLib, with or without that last commit, because gtksourceview-2.0/gtksourceview/gtksourcebuffer.h uses G_CONST_RETURN, which is deprecated in GLib 2.30.  I faked a non-git build by `mv .git dot.git'.


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