Re: Inline-Forward/Reply should prefer to quote plain text over HTML, if available

Carlos and Jack,

On 11/16/2011 05:01:29 PM Wed, Jack wrote:
On 2011.11.16 16:00, Carlos Franke wrote:
Hi, all!

Balsa has got an option to prefer displaying the plain text version of an e-mail over the HTML version, if both are available. However, when inline-forwarding or replying to such an e-mail, it always quotes the HTML version. Is there a way to change this?

If there is not, this is a feature request: Always prefer quoting plain text over HTML. (I do not think there is any scenario where quoting HTML is desired.) Should I open a ticket on the bug tracker for this?

For me, inline forwarding does use the plain text, even if I'm viewing the html, but I'm not sure what option or preference setting is responsible.

Works for me, too: reply and forward-inline both use the text/plain part, if there is one.  Checking or unchecking 'prefer text/plain' didn't make any difference.  The only time I've seen the html part quoted is when it's the only text part.


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