Re: Switching to first/second/... tab with Alt+1/2/... (was: Balsa is great for small screen devices (netbooks))

Hi Carlos,

On 03/28/2011 12:24:12 PM Mon, Carlos Franke wrote:

First, this mail is in reply to Peter Bloomfields message in the thread "Balsa is great for small screen devices (netbooks)" on March 1:
Sorry that this is not technically a reply, but I don't have access to the original message at the moment, only the web archive. So:

No problem...

Thanks, Peter! Sorry that I didn't try your patch earlier – it does exactly exactly what I wanted and works flawlessly, on the first glance. It would be delighted if it would go into the main branch.

...thanks for testing it!

Any thoughts about the implementation?  It seems kinda ugly to put the submenu on the UI and then permanently hide it, but it works, and it avoids low-level key-stroke monitoring.  I noticed that GNOME terminal goes to a lot more trouble, with visible menu items for each tab, but that requires changing the UI when a tab is added or removed, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort :)



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