Re: Balsa GTK+3 port

Hi Pancake,

On 07/25/2011 06:53:13 AM Mon, pancake wrote:
Sorry for late reply :)

My bad--my last post sat flagged in my outbox for a long time before I saw it and pushed it out :(

I have compiled with --with-gnome=no and --without-gtkspell, but it is still linking against gtk2.

It might be an html issue.  The current defaults to webkit, and if you specify gtkhtml it must be either -2 or -4, because the -3 lib does indeed drag in gtk2 symbols.  (gtkhtml2 might do the same, I haven't tried it.)

I workaround it the issue related to GtkCallbackMarshall with this patch:

I'm still puzzled by the GtkCallbackMarshall error.  I recall seeing that only when compiling master, not the gtk3 branch, and then only when building --with-gnome.  But perhaps that's also related to gtkhtml3...



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