Re: folders in mailbox pane

Of course...

On 07/06/2011 10:21:50 AM Wed, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Mario!

On 07/06/2011 08:25:15 AM Wed, Mario Mikočević wrote:

folks, how do you organize your mailboxes in folders ?
I do hope there is some other option but remote IMAP folder-ing ..

Thing is, I'd like to have a folder tree with more than one tree level ..


- work
	dept 1
		project 1
		project 2

anything like that possible in balsa ?

Yes, Balsa can do that in two ways:

o  first, outside Balsa, you set up the directory (folder) tree under ~/mail; then, in Balsa, use 'File: New: Local xxx mailbox' to create the actual mailboxes, where 'xxx' is mbox, Maildir, or MH;

Of course, you can also do that all within Balsa, using the 'Create folder' button on the create dialog :)


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