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Hi Mario!

On 07/06/2011 08:25:15 AM Wed, Mario Mikočević wrote:

folks, how do you organize your mailboxes in folders ?
I do hope there is some other option but remote IMAP folder-ing ..

Thing is, I'd like to have a folder tree with more than one tree level ..


- work
	dept 1
		project 1
		project 2

anything like that possible in balsa ?

Yes, Balsa can do that in two ways:

o  first, outside Balsa, you set up the directory (folder) tree under ~/mail; then, in Balsa, use 'File: New: Local xxx mailbox' to create the actual mailboxes, where 'xxx' is mbox, Maildir, or MH;

o  in Balsa, set up the tree and the mailboxes as local MH or Maildir mailboxes; start with the root 'work', then when you add 'dept 1', make it a subfolder of 'work', and so on.

The difference is that the first way, only the leaves of the tree contain mail, and the directories that make up the non-leaf nodes are shown as folders, whereas with MH or Maildir, all the nodes are mailboxes.  So if you had some mail that related to 'project 1' but didn't belong to 'todo', 'foo', or 'bar', you could save it in 'project 1'.  It's handy for some applications, pointless for others.

One advantage of MH and Maildir is that messages are individual files, so if you use rsync to make backups, only new messages are copied.  Adding a message to an mbox means backing up the whole mailbox.



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