Re: Problems (quoting and long lines)

Hi Mario!

On 01/03/2011 08:11:55 AM Mon, Mario Mikocevic wrote:

those very likely maybe features but I'd like them to control somehow,
so I'll repeat -

- how can I control sending emails with long lines ?

it messes up after 78 or so chars

- how can I control copy/paste quoted text ?

copy/paste comments in code is impossible

any pointers ?

If you turn off "Format=flowed" (Options menu on the compose window) and make sure that "Wrap outgoing" is turned off (Preferences, outgoing page), your text should not be mangled.  It /will/ be encoded as quoted-printable, because that's the safest way to send text message parts.  And in that encoded form it is wrapped to <= 80 character lines (perhaps a little shorter, I forget the convention), but any mailer will decode it and restore the long lines.  As far as I know, the only way that the quoted-printable encoding could get in the way is if a recipient saves and uses the raw message file.

Can you give the precise sequence of steps that results in an issue?



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