Hello guys!

I have to say that last time I tried balsa was many years ago..but this weekend i give it a try,
and my feelings was better than expected.

Balsa looks more responsive and fast than many other mail clients, the code looks clean and
it supports GPG and IMAP.

After some testing (yeah, i care about usability) I noticed some GTK issues, some locking
problems and other things I would like to change or fix.

While reading the source I noticed that libbalsa is not compiled as a separate module which is bad for me, because i was wanting to make the Vala bindings for it, or write commandline
utilities to handle the mailboxes or send email using the balsa framework.

I would like to say that the website does not reflect the real status of the project and it would
be great to update the image of the program to sync with latest GNOME tips.

What's the current state of the project? How many people is involved? How can I contribute?



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