Re: gtk3 branch compile problem --without-nm

On 2011.12.17 20:37, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 12/17/2011 07:33:41 PM Sat, Jack wrote:

I'm compiling from the gtk3 branch, and I'm getting an error:

main-window.c: In function 'bw_check_messages_thread':
main-window.c:3145:27: error: 'BalsaWindow' has no member named 'last_check_time'

last_check_time is indeed defined for BalsaWindow, but only within an "#if defined(HAVE_LIBNM_GLIB)" - but I have --without-nm.

Oops--sorry about that! Some check was dropped along the way from master to gtk3--fixed (I hope!) in git.

Yes, it compiles and runs fine. I'm using it to send this message. Compiled with gtk3 and gmime 2.6. No serious stress testing yet, but no obvious problems. Trying to run a second copy from command line just returns silently, but it may be my WM that simply doesn't bring the already running copy to the front.

Only new issue discovered so far is that in the gtk3 branch, BALSA_VERSION is still showing 2.4.9. Since it's clearly a development version, should it be something like 2.4.90?


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