Bug#621626: balsa: Impossible to use mouse to paste additional text into "To:" address

On 2011.04.07 13:29, Karl O. Pinc wrote:
If I type text into the "To:" address it is then impossible to use the mouse to paste additional text into the box. I use the mouse to select text from the email body and when I click back on the To: address the entire text of the To: address box is selected. I then click where I want to paste and click the middle mouse button and nothing happens.

I have had similar problems pasting with middle mouse button, not just in the TO: field, but even in the body of the message. However, when I remember to check, it seems that the paste does work, but the original copy did not. If I go back and select what I want to copy, and explicitly hit Ctl-C, I can then paste with middle mouse click.


(Since this report did get copied to the balsa mailing list, it seems OK, but I would think filing the bug at bugzilla.gnome.org would be closer to the balsa developers.)

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