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On 04/13/2011 10:28:01 AM, Anne Vanhoest wrote:

Hi Pawel,

Thank you for your suggestions, unfortunately I have had no success whether trying with SSl or not. When I run balsa -D then attempt to connect to
the remote IMAPS folder, I get this:

set_max_connections: set to 20
Server will NOT use IDLE
Saving mailbox node soc with group folder-2
Saving 0 children
Saving mailbox node soc with group folder-2
Saving 0 children
No cache for soc - quitting.

Or something similar depending on the option set on the remote folder tab
(soc is the name I have given to the remote IMAPS folder).

Has anybody experienced a similar connection issue?

It looks like a low level connection issue.

I suppose if you run

openssl s_client -crlf -connect

You will not see anything. Is this correct?

(if you connect against the odds, just type ". logout" and press enter).

I start to wonder whether we should implement some imap server probing capability in balsa...


Thank you for your help,

Best regards

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+On 04/07/2011 01:21:56 PM, Anne Vanhoest wrote:
+> Hello,
+> Apology if this question seems rather simple, but I am trying to set a
+> second remote IMAP folder and "it's not working".
+> I am trying to set up balsa to read my work emails from 2 different
+> remote servers.
+> I have added the first one with the wizard when I first ran balsa, and
+> this works well.
+> But, when I try to add the second server as a remote IMAP folder, I
+> get an
+> error message (Scanning failed ... cannot connect to .. Check
+> connectivity).
+> I can remove the first added server, and add it again and it works
+> smoothly.
+> As far as I can tell, I am connected to the network from behind some
+> firewall, and the 1st server might also be behind this firewall,
+> while the
+> second may not be. I would be happy to check this if you told me how
+> to.
+Does you second server uses imap over SSL? You may want to check this
+option in the "Advanced" tab of the remote imap folder configuration.
+You could also run balsa from the command line with option '-D' to find +out whether the connection to the second server is established at all. +Option -D makes balsa print in the terminal window the debugging data.
+I hope this helps,
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+balsa-list gnome org
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