Re: crossed wires - Balsa highlights one message but displays another

Hi Jack and Ildar:

On 07/31/2010 04:11:47 AM Sat, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 31.07.2010 05:04:51, Jack wrote:

I just dragged a message from one maildir mailbox
but I'm curious if this has been seen before, or if anybody has any ideas about what happened.

I've seen that before. And a few other things that I think maildir-related. AFAI Can Guess neither Pawel nor Peter use  maildir extensively. So some bugs that are hard to reproduce keep unfixed. Lucky us that those bugs don't throw away messages and things like that.

Can't speak for Pawel, but I use maildir for most of my local storage.  I don't recall seeing that malfunction--I gather it's intermittent, not 100% reproducible.  I rarely use drag'n'drop, but all the ways of moving messages around use the same underlying code.  I'll take a look at it...



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