crossed wires - Balsa highlights one message but displays another


I just dragged a message from one maildir mailbox to another, and when I went to look at it, I couldn't find it. By using the search "Body contains" I found the message, but while the body of the message was correct, the mail header highlighted in the message list pane was for a completely different message. I've attached a screenshot. The message was not anywhere in the message list for that folder.

On closing and reopening Balsa, everything went back to normal, and the message was as I expected it to be. I'm not going to file a bug, since it was only transient, but I'm curious if this has been seen before, or if anybody has any ideas about what happened.

The one additional bit of information I might add is that searching on the disk for the file (since I really didn't want to lose it) it was in the "new" subfolder (reasonable, since I had just moved it to that folder) and the message that was highlighted in the list pane was in the "cur" folder. Once I closed and reopened Balsa, all the messages were in the "cur" folder.


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