Re: odd behavior on closing mailbox [solved]

On 2010.12.06 02:00, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 01.12.2010 03:48:14, Jack wrote:
I do not hide deleted messages, and I do have "Expunge deleted messages when mailbox is closed" checked. Normally, this works as expected. However, if I have a new compose message window open, then deleted messages are not expunged when I close a mailbox (tested mostly with inbox).

Do you mean New message or "Reply"?
If it's the 2nd then: Balsa wants to put the "Answered" flag on originating message hence doesn't actually close the box => doesn't purge deleted messages..


Thank you. Given that hint, I just tested again, and that's exactly the situation. Composing a new message has no effect, but having a reply open does show the behavior.

This actually reminds me of an issue with a proprietary mail system I used many years ago - if you clicked "reply" and had the reply message open for more than a few minutes, it would mark the original message as replied to, even if you never actually sent the reply.

Would there be any point in making it a wish-list to actually expunge deleted messages in this case, whether or not the mailbox is actually closed?


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