Re: Thai is messed up in message bodies

I spoke too soon! The Thai looks ok! now... I'll see if I can figure 
out the rest of what I need to know to use balsa!

Thanks... for not being broken out of the box, like Thunderbird is... 
although I'm sure Thunderbird used to work... I don't knwo what 
happened. It might have been enigmail... but I disabled that... still 
asked for my pass code though.

On 08/20/2010 08:12:44 PM, John Francis Lee wrote:
> สวัสดีครับ,
> I'm having trouble typing Thai into message bodies. The above looks 
> ok
> now... a little on the small side... but when I get it, or you get 
> it,
> the vowels will not be over the consonants as they should be but will 
> be in the air next to them.
> I had this trouble with Thunderbird and have wasted the past 2 or 3 
> days asking for help there... so I downloaded balsa and... I have the 
> same problem here!
> I havew no trouble tyoing Thai in openoffice or jEdit... well a 
> little
> in jEdit, but nothing like here or in Thunderbird.
> Can i just not get ther from here/ Do I have to use mail to 
> correspond with my Thai friends?

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