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Hi John Lee:

On 08/26/2010 10:18:39 PM Thu, john francis lee wrote:
Sorry about my bitter complaint... I hadn't yet typed in an address on the message I was trying to send.

Don't understand that--the "Send" button is supposed to be insensitive until there's at least one valid address.

Still... a "you haven't typed an address" would have been nice... but that would have required a button able to be pushed and an error to have been detected. So maybe it's my assumption that is bad... the software is broken... and your assumption... the operator is broken... that is "correct".


Guess I'm just too conditioned to the "fit and finished" world that's grown up even in the open source community. Certainly the stuff that I hack together is a tremendous mess compared to anything available from gnome.

Well, I guess we try to make Balsa "fit and finished", at least to the extent that it's compatible with the FOSS/RFC-compliant world.  Please feel free to let us know where we're falling short, and maybe we'll even find a way to fix it :)

Having to reformat this mesasage by hand is another complaint... nothing but complaints from me today, sorry.

Well, you may need to reformat text quoted from non-flowed-aware mailers, but we try to accommodate more sensient folks :)

Balsa is my mainstay, and it allows me to communicate in Thai with friends, which is more than Thunderbird does. So thanks a million. Please keep up the good work.

We plan to, and to improve Balsa when we get feedback from folks like you!

BTW: Balsa just uses Gdk/Pango/Cairo, so if Thai is well supported, it's because of the efforts of the folks who work on those backends, not us--just want to acknowledge the debt we owe to them!



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