Re: Odp: Using balsa with IMAP

Hello Pawel,

thank you for your mail! But can't this Output be located on the IMAP server? And I'm not queuing mail, always sending immediately.

If something is really needed on the local machines, may this placed in /tmp? What is the minimum I have to configure to get send working? I would prefer not to clutter the mailbox tree if possible.


On Fri, 13 Aug 2010, Pawel Salek wrote:

Outbox is used by balsa to queue mail to be sent. I have always had it on a
local computer. All the other mailboxes can be placed on IMAP server. /Pawel

W dniu 2010-08-12 21:21 użytkownik "Vitus Jensen" <vjensen gmx de> napisał:


I would like to try balsa 2.4.7 with an IMAP account.  And only with IMAP
accounts, I keep no mail locally on any machine.   Mailreading works fine
but when I try to send mail the following message pops up:

Send failed: Message could not be queued in outbox
MBOX: could not open /home/vitus/mail/outbox

What is this trying to tell me?  There is no MBOX on my machine, obviously.
That directory doesn't exist and even when I create it, sending fails.

And a cosmetic problem: in the mailbox tree, there are folders like
"Ausgang, Eingang", how do I get rid of those?  Remember, there is no mail

Best regards,

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