Re: Thunderbird address books

On 08/21/2010 08:19:19 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> >  How can I import my address book from thunderbird?
> You can export your contacts from Thunderbird in ldif format, and
> Balsa can use the ldif file directly as an address book
> (Edit:Preferences:Address Books:Add).

Seems to have worked... Thunderbird has two address books, for some 
reason : personal and collected. I added both... but balsa just looks 
in the one I marked as default? As well, with addresses with 'no-name' 
I have to type 'n' and then search through all the no-named addresses? 
I just tried out the lookup feature by typing 'n' for Neil, my brother, 
and all the non-names came after...

> >  Can I import all my mail from thunderbird as well?
> If you export your Thunderbird mail in mbox format, Balsa can use 
> that
> file directly as a mailbox.  It will be found automatically if you 
> put
> it somewhere in your local mail directory (~/mail by default);
> otherwise, you can tell Balsa where to find it (File:New:Local Mbox
> Mailbox).

I couldn't find a way to export mail from thunderbird. I looked at the 
faqs and someone said that mbox is the default means of storing mail in 
thunderbird, so all I had to do was import my thunderbird mailbox(es) 
directly. I tried with 'Local Folders' but nothing showed up under the 
mailbox that balsa created. I asked the question on the thunderbird 
page again... maybe I didn't import the correct file...

> >  Thunderbird used to help out with spam, can balsa do so as well?
> That's a little more complicated!  You can filter incoming mail
> through SpamAssassin; use Edit:Preferences:Mail Options, select the
> correct server in the 'Remote mailbox servers', then click 'Modify'. 
> That pops up a 'Remote Mailbox Configurator' dialog; check 'Filter
> messages through procmail', and set the Filter Command to 'spamc |
> procmail -f -'.  You can then use a Balsa filter to route messages
> based on the content of the headers that SpamAssassin adds.  You 
> could
> also use procmail rules to deliver messages to different
> mailboxes--personally, I find Balsa's filters easier to set up than
> procmail rules :)

I've done part one... I don't think I run SpamAssassin on my server, 
thunderbird had (I think) it's own statistical spam 'assassin' and 
that's what I used formerly.

> > Thanks.
> You're welcome!  We'd be glad to get your feedback about the
> transition to Balsa, and any suggestions about making it easier.

Thanks for your prompt help, Peter. I'll let you know how I get on. 
Looking above I see that balsa hasn't wrapped the quoted mail very 
well, although I like the color-code bit a lot! Balsa gave me a choice 
about what to quote, I think, when I hit reply group. The same choice 
was there twice 'inlin text', I think, already checked. I just accepted 

> Peter

One last observation... I get an error when trying to check your 
signature... that's all it says... there was an error.

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