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On 08/21/2010 06:15:28 AM Sat, john francis lee wrote:
I have switched to balsa from thunderbird because thunderbird would not
format thai text correctly and I could not get any help from
thunderbird forums. Balsa seems to handle thai text correctly.

Glad to hear it.

 How can I import my address book from thunderbird?

You can export your contacts from Thunderbird in ldif format, and Balsa can use the ldif file directly as an address book (Edit:Preferences:Address Books:Add).

 Can I import all my mail from thunderbird as well?

If you export your Thunderbird mail in mbox format, Balsa can use that file directly as a mailbox.  It will be found automatically if you put it somewhere in your local mail directory (~/mail by default); otherwise, you can tell Balsa where to find it (File:New:Local Mbox Mailbox).

 Thunderbird used to help out with spam, can balsa do so as well?

That's a little more complicated!  You can filter incoming mail through SpamAssassin; use Edit:Preferences:Mail Options, select the correct server in the 'Remote mailbox servers', then click 'Modify'.  That pops up a 'Remote Mailbox Configurator' dialog; check 'Filter messages through procmail', and set the Filter Command to 'spamc | procmail -f -'.  You can then use a Balsa filter to route messages based on the content of the headers that SpamAssassin adds.  You could also use procmail rules to deliver messages to different mailboxes--personally, I find Balsa's filters easier to set up than procmail rules :)


You're welcome!  We'd be glad to get your feedback about the transition to Balsa, and any suggestions about making it easier.


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