Re: just a few missing icons....

On 2010.08.01 20:47, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 08/01/2010 08:21:55 PM Sun, Jack wrote:
I'm running balsa 2.4.7. under gentoo, on a mostly KDE system, so I have the minimal gnome related packages to get balsa installed. Today's system update hit a number of those gnome packages, and now the Check and Continue icons on the task bar in balsa are missing (showing a white page with red x). There are also some missing icons in the menus: File (Continue, Get new mail, Addressbook), Message (View source, Store address), and Settings (Identities).

There was a note with the update to gnome-menus (2.30.2-r1) which mentioned setting XDG_MENU_PREFIX, but that seems relevant to the main application menu, which in my case is KDE, and besides, I tried it and it had no apparent effect.

Changing the theme with gnome-control-center also had no effect.

Before I post to th Gentoo forums, I thought I'd check if anybody here had any ideas first, although I don't know if this is more of a gnome or gentoo problem.

The problem is most likely an update to gnome-icon-theme, which has recently (version 2.30) dropped several icons to be consistent with the icon-naming convention[1]. The next release of Balsa will ship its own copies of the dropped icons. Building and installing from current git would restore them.

Thanks Peter. I downgraded my gnome-icon-themes from 2.30.0 o 2.28.0 and all is well for now. I had another compile issue (purely Gentoo issue, so I haven't posted here yet) and once I sort that out I probably will go to git.


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