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Hi Jack!

On 09/21/2009 06:23:26 PM Mon, Jack Ostroff wrote:

This is a follow-up/revision of my previous response to this. I was going to response instead to your post with the original patch, since there were comments that explained some of the behavior better - but that was to me and balsa-maint, not the group.

First, now I understand that the order of tabs for the other open mailboxes is effectively random. As a future enhancement, it would be nice if Balsa actually remembered the order - otherwise what is the point of being able to drag tabs to change the order?

Yes, it would; as it stands, it's just for the current session. That's still worth something: if you have many mailboxes open and some scroll out of the window, you can drag the most interesting ones to the left and see all their tabs. But remembering the order would let you establish a favorite order and be sure of seeing it.

The problem now is that it still does not seem to remember the last open mailbox. I see "CurrentMailboxURL=" in the config file, but never with any value.

I'm puzzled by "CurrentMailboxURL=". I get that only if I manually close all mailboxes before quitting. Perhaps Balsa is closing them all before saving the info to the config file--but I don't know how that would happen!

If the Inbox is open, that is what is displayed, whether or not the "open inbox on startup" is checked or not. It is also displayed even if it was not open, if "open inbox on startup" IS checked. If Inbox is not open, and not opened on startup, I can't tell how it chooses which mailbox to display.

As it stands, "open inbox on startup" trumps the current mailbox code. It runs after the task for "remember open mailboxes", and forces a switch-page to the inbox. That was an oversight--but I guess it might also be the preferred action for a use who sets both options.

I'm not sure why Inbox is always the visible mailbox. Perhaps it's always the first mailbox in the list of open mailboxes--that's the one that's shown by the "remember open mailboxes" code; when CurrentMailboxURL is set to something non-NULL, it gets forced to the front of the list and hence is (supposed to be) shown.

However - only the one mailbox is displayed. The other open mailboxes are opened without being displayed - so the startup appears much smoother, without the flickering.

Good--that's how it's supposed to work!

Is there anything else I can test to help track down the problem?

Keep watching CurrentMailboxURL in your config file--at some point it should start being non-NULL, and then you should see the correct mailbox at start-up.

BTW: the -o option requires a full mailbox URL, not just a name--is that the issue?


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