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On 05/02/2009 10:13:19 AM Sat, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 30.04.2009 23:11:20, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Please keep the comments and suggestions coming--having a fresh set of eyes around is great!

	Hi Peter!

If it's time to look with a fresh set of eyes (around), then you should like my letters with the subject "balsa GUI problems/suggestions". Those are almost 3 years old, but some things might still be up to date.
[ snip ]
5. New menu entries:
	View->Hide message pane (leaving more space for messages list)
	View->Hide message list (leaving more space for messages pane)
It doesn't imply hiding, just remembering the position and moving panes
divider to the top/bottom.

The current controls for showing or hiding parts of the main window are somewhat inconsistent:

- For the mailbox tree, we have View->Mailbox tree[1];
- For the preview pane, we have "Use preview pane" on the "Display options" page of the prefs dialog;
- For the message list, we have no current option.

So View->Hide message pane (or for consistency, perhaps View->Show message pane), would control the same option as "Use preview pane". I guess redundant UI isn't forbidden--we already have both View->Wrap and "Wrap text at..." on the Display Options->Message page of the prefs dialog. However, keeping them synchronized is a nuisance, and it's code that could be dropped. If we had options to show/hide all three of the main panes on the View menu, should we duplicate all three on the prefs page? Or would the view menu items be enough?



[1] View->Mailbox tree has an F9 key-binding, which is strange--Balsa has no other function key-bindings, afaict--is that for compatibility with mutt?

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