Re: some regressions in current HEAD

On 30.06.2009 23:00:48, Pawel Salek wrote:
On 06/30/2009 07:41:25 AM, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
1. Changing identities in the New message window wipes out the signature and does not add another sig. Have to insert the signature by hand.
2. In Mailbox properties the "Update" button is disabled. If I change the Identity, it doesn't get enabled. I believe that it was not that way. This is for Maildir only. The mbox behaves allright.
3: Unread mail counter sometimes gets to negative numbers. This is not a regression - it was there for ages. It can be seen for example when you "Hide Unflagged" and some new mail arrives or gets read. Counter algorithms are not good for filtered box situations.

I don't see that. I did as follows:

Ok. Maybe later. Tricky to reproduce.

True regression:
4. *Find in Message* does not work either.

I do not see that. The search widget is displated and when I type characters, the current hit gets highlighted as expeted. Can you please list a step-by-step scenario that exposes the problem?

:-) I don't see it now. Funny. Maybe I get back to it later.

Anyone to react?

Could you please verify whether the attached patch fixes the problems 1 and 2?

Yes! The patch covers the problems 1 and 2. Thanks.

Regards, Ildar
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