Re: Balsa 2.3.28 on Ubuntu 9.10 - My "to:" line gets deleted

Hi Mike:

On 12/18/2009 10:10:05 PM Fri, Mike Witt wrote:
I have two systems, one running Fedora 11, on which Balsa 2.3.28
works fine. The other (a new one) running Ubuntu 9.10 on which
Balsa 2.3.28 works just the same EXCEPT THAT I can't send mail
because the "To:" line I enter when I compose the message disappears
when I send it. The "to:" line also goes away when I save the message.

Can anybody tell me what I might be doing to cause this problem?
As far as I can tell :-), the balsa configurations are the same on
the two systems.

That's been reported before with Ubuntu 9.10: <URL:>, <URL:>. I see that Balsa-2.4.1 is published in "Lucid"--that version may be free of this particular bug.


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