I'm getting quite annoyed by NEW SORTING

	Hi, everybody!

Did you noticed that balsa became slower?

This is influenced by the new and more accurate sorting.
In 2.3.27, balsa cached threading information and used it - even if new messages arrived. The new messages were merely put to the end of the list.

Now we have balsa *redoing* *all* the "sortish" work if it detects new messages. This is accurate, but:
1. New messages are spread in the threads they belong to
2. Balsa is SLOWER a lot!

I knew about inaccuracy of sorting before and possibly even complained. But now I realize that previous behavior is _better_ and I like it :-)

Just my 2 cents.

Regards, Ildar
Ildar  Mulyukov,  engineer

email: ildar innovations kz
Atatau Innovations
Office 27, etazh 4
169 Raimbek
Almaty, Kazakhstan
tel.: +7(727)2379281 ext.2203
fax.: +7(727)2379282

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