Re: copy-paste formating bug

On 09/05/2008 11:44:06 AM, Mario Mikocevic wrote:

On 08/20/2008 03:12:39 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:

On 08/15/2008 12:46:46 AM Fri, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:

On 15.08.2008 06:17:43, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Alternatively, pasting lines that have no white-space at the end should avoid the problem.

NOW I understand! This is the reason, why sometimes on sending a mail I have NewLines lost! AFAICT it's a bug!

Yes, I have to agree! To avoid surprises, Balsa should remove trailing white-space when the user hits "Enter" to end a line. If the user /really/ wants trailing white-space, the message must not have format=flowed. Svn trunk has been patched to fix it.

Any chance of soonish release with this fix ?

I guess we can make a release this weekend if no obstacles appear in the last moment...


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