ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.3.23 released


Balsa team announces the release of balsa-2.3.23 available at

You can download balsa-2.3.23 directly from
$ sha1sum balsa-2.3.23.tar.bz2
83b59c8964744f8d3d0a36fdfcdb9e5e4f2f0b96  balsa-2.3.23.tar.bz2

Some highlights:

- Suppport for IMAP MULTIAPPEND extension for faster uploading of
  message batches to and from IMAP servers.
- improved scanning of mailbox trees.
- GtkSourceView2 support.
- and some memory leaks were plugged as well.

This release should be quite stable. We have some further patches waiting in the queue but we decided to release 2.3.23 first.

Happy mailing!


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