BUG - display, last line, deleted, threads


tried to put some keywords in subject line, here are exact steps how to reproduce it ->

- receive some mail (mbox local file format)
- select last mail in subject panel (content is displayed in body panel)
- (1) delete it with Trash/Delete button

now tricky part

- (2) select menu Mailbox->Expunge Deleted Messages


to trigger the bug balsa has to refresh mailboxes in between points (1) and (2) in background
and you _have_ to have new email in that mailbox

resulting in ->

lets that last message that was displayed and deleted, mark as (3),

body panel is cleared, messages marked for deleting are all but one (3) moved into Trash folder, message (3) is _copied_ into Trash (aka deleted) and not removed from originating folder with
delete status removed

now, if you mark (3) for deleting and do the expunge again, in Trash folder you have _double_
instance of message (3)

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