ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.3.27 released


Balsa team announces the release of balsa-2.3.27 available at

You can download balsa-2.3.27 directly from

$ sha1sum balsa-2.3.27.tar.bz2
79b2e9fcf015403b097f025ac8e0902672aa9bbd  balsa-2.3.27.tar.bz2
$ md5sum balsa-2.3.27.tar.bz2
e0dc3458ad31b973af569d19c316dcd4  balsa-2.3.27.tar.bz2

Some highlights:

- porting to most recent GTK versions.
- documentation ported to gnome-doc format. (#559825)
- partial translations of the manual to German and Spanish.
- gnome-keyring is used if available (experimental).
- disable deprecated apis only in svn tree (#561875).
- initial experimental support for WebKit.

Happy mailing!

On behalf of Balsa team,

Paweł Sałek

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