Balsa port to gmime-2.4

Hello all,

Balsa faces the necessity to port to gmime-2.4 which is not backward-compatible with currently used gmime-2.0. We have a patch porting balsa to gmime-2.4 [1] but we hesitate to merge it to svn in order not to cause difficulties of the users who are still at gmime-2.0 . Maintaining the patch in a long term will be however a nuisance - the patch has already been revised six or seven times. So, it will eventually be merged.

The questions are: when? and how?

We could merge it sooner and then provide gmime-2.4 packages for the benefit of the users who are still using gmime-2.0. We could merge it sooner and encourage the distributions who want to add new balsa to older distributions to link statically against 2.4 (i.e. gmime-2.4 would be a part of balsa package, at it was for example in fedora at some stage).

We could also merge it later (say, March-May 2009) and maintain the patch in meantime.




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