Re: Complaints about GPG Key

On 12/10/2008 11:54:05 AM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 10.12.08 00:43 schrieb(en) Geoffrey Leach:
> > Hmmmm ... How's about "Don't ask, don't retrieve" as the default. 
> Or
> > a (global) selection in Preferences/Status Messages?
> The idea to introduce this option was to distinguish between incoming 
> folders where the signature verification is cheap (like a local mbox: 
> always perform the check), remote folders where we might need to load
> a  
> whole bunch of attachments to verify a signature (like IMAP), and
> those  
> where the check usually isn't needed at all (like your sentbox). 
> Thus,  
> IMHO a global preference wouldn't make sense.
> As long as you don't trust any message you receive from the Internet  
> (you shouldn't), the recommendation is to verify the sender's 
> identity
> whenever possible.
> If you don't want that extra security, simply build Balsa without gpg 
> support.

Hmmmm .... thanks for the suggestion, but that's not really an answer. 
I much prefer apps that are usable as received in binary format. FWIW, 
I don't care for things going on automagically in the 
background. Also, being on a bandwith-restricted connection, I like to 
avoid adding to that burden. Presumably anyone with a wireless or 
(gasp!) telco connection would agree.

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