Re: Complaints about GPG Key

Am 10.12.08 00:43 schrieb(en) Geoffrey Leach:
Hmmmm ... How's about "Don't ask, don't retrieve" as the default. Or a (global) selection in Preferences/Status Messages?

The idea to introduce this option was to distinguish between incoming folders where the signature verification is cheap (like a local mbox: always perform the check), remote folders where we might need to load a whole bunch of attachments to verify a signature (like IMAP), and those where the check usually isn't needed at all (like your sentbox). Thus, IMHO a global preference wouldn't make sense.

As long as you don't trust any message you receive from the Internet (you shouldn't), the recommendation is to verify the sender's identity whenever possible.

If you don't want that extra security, simply build Balsa without gpg support.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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