Re: Unsent message still in outbox

On 12/09/2008 03:08:54 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:

On 12/06/2008 11:12:04 AM Sat, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 01.12.2008 06:44:42, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Balsa will not try to resend that message as long as it has that red icon (is "flagged").

Would be nice to have a warning about that. Otherwise one can have a message unsent for ages.

Do we really need to leave a problem message flagged?

I think not.

As I recall it, the point is to avoid endlessly failing, but couldn't we achieve that by building a list of failed msgnos? Balsa will not try to send again until another message is sent, or the user selects "send queued messages"--is that right?

I am not sure if I see what difference it would make - would not the end result be the same?

We flag the messages in the outbox to prevent one case: when the message is being sent to multiple recipients and the smtp server refuses to accept some of them. Without flagging, balsa marked the entire message as failed (that is left it in the outbox), and on the following attempt, send the message again, resulting in the some of the recipients getting multiple copies.

I believe the proper solution is to abort the sending and pop up the compose window with the failing recipients marked red[1], or something to that effect? I mean this is what the user is eventually forced to do so why not help him?


[1] moving the message to drafts, if needed.

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